✓ For optimum treatment of the paint 

✓ Dust-free process 

✓ Removes weather damage

✓ Removes light scratches, tar, tree resin, road grime

✓ Machine or hand application

✓ Does not leave residue on plastic parts

✓ Easy application

POLISHANGEL® ESCLATE LOTION paint cleaner is the anti-ageing skin care for your paint, contributing particularly to improve the shine and color intensity of your paintwork. Many paint cleaners on the surface only fill the holograms, however we have managed to combine in this masterpiece a very fine finishing polish with soft cleaning substances. Old layers of wax are dissolved and removed simultaneously with the impurities. The ESCLATE LOTION is the ideal way to obtain a well-maintained surface. Light scratches, holograms and defects are smoothed out by the microscopically fine abrasive particles. The surface is now well prepared for subsequent sealing with Master Sealant

ESCLATE LOTION is also excellent on chrome surfaces and aluminium rims.

In case of serious paint defects, please inform yourself of the POLISHANGEL® polishing system MASTER POLISH COMPOUND I and MASTER FINAL POLISH II.